We use daily fresh ingredients for our salads.

You can taste the difference.

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One of the finest mozzarella-bowls with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, sea salt and basilic. Original balsamic vinegar.
CHF 12.90 *
Crispy slices of chicken on a mixed salad plate.
CHF 17.90 *

with tuna, corn & mozzarella on a fresh mixed salad.

Registered salad by ANGOLO®.

CHF 17.90 *
The classic one of our fresh salads.
CHF 8.90 *
The famous ANGOLO® bread - homemade !!
CHF 4.50 *
Pizzabread only with olive oil & sea salt
CHF 8.90 *
Baguette with olive oil and garlic.
CHF 5.90 *
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